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Egritech is a Ukrainian manufacturer of agricultural machinery for the collection and transportation of grain crops. Together with the British engineering company Gartech Group, we have developed the best solution to increase the efficiency of logistics


Video recommendation “Agropartner 2013”

March 31 2021

ТОВ “Agropartner 2013” Chief Mechanic Gerasimenko Yuri Use 1 unit ASPS 2646 MAZ

Video recommendation from “B.О.S. Malutintci Agro”

March 15 2021

LLC “B.О.S. Malutintci Agro” Chief Engineer Melnick Sergiy Use 1 unit BNR-20-2

Video recommendation from “AGRO KIM”

October 29 2020

Chief Engineer Mikhail Koshevoy Use 4 units of BNP-30 with weighing systems and GPRS data transmission

Video recommendation from “AgroPromHimCentre”

September 2 2020

AgroPromChimCentre Chief engineer Alexey Rudyak Використовують 1 одиницю АСПС 2646

Video recommendation from “Piramida-Аgrо”

August 4 2020

Piramida-Agro CEO Oleksandr Bondarenko Use 1 unit BNP-16

Video recommendation from BOGDANOVA

March 10 2020

Bogdanivske JSC Engineer for the operation of the machine-tractor park Igor Use 2 units of BNP-30