Автопоезд зерновоз АСПС и элеватор

Автопоезд АСПС – это специализированный грузовой автопоезд, от украинского производителя, в состав которого входят: автомобиль и прицеп самосвалы. Кузова самосвалов оснащены системами трехосного разгрузки и используются для транспортировки продукции сельскохозяйственной сферы, а именно: зернобобовые и масляные культуры, комбикорма, солод, гранулированные корма, кормовые фосфаты и некоторые виды сыпучих грузов. Автопоезд зерновоз АСПС рассчитан на транспортировку зерновых, весом более 27 тонн за один раз.

Комбайн Fendt перегружается в бункер накопитель

Бункер-накопитель перегрузочный БНП – сельскохозяйственная техника для сбора урожая, предназначена для увеличения эффективности логистики зерновых и масличных культур. Комбайн и бункер перегрузчик, сокращают время уборки урожая более чем на 25%, по сравнению с работой комбайна и зерновоза в поле

бункер перегрузчик едет по полю с трактором Fendt

Бункер накопитель БНП – движется в паре с комбайнами, непосредственно в поле. Комбайны в движении перегружают зерно автоматически, до полного заполнения бункера, без потери времени на остановку
После заполнения резервуара перегружателя, бункер накопитель отправляется на край поля, где в дальнейшем происходит его выгрузки в автопоезд зерновоз (АСПС)
Процесс выгрузки базируется в одной части поля. Обычно – это благоприятное место, вне поля, имеющего свободный путь к выезду. Автопоезд зерновоз (АСПС) заполняется равномерно, поочередно

Бункер накопитель с трактором john deere возле элеватора
бункер-накопитель перегрузчик БНП-30 и трактор Fendt
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Egritech is a Ukrainian agricultural producer. equipment for the collection and transportation of grain crops.

Together with the British engineering company Gartech Group, we developed the best solution to increase logistics efficiency grain crops in Ukraine. Each model of agricultural machinery Egritech is a unique business solution, produced by individual miscalculations and international standards. Considering the maximum permeability, the load on equipment, a feature of the base grain storage facilities and landscape fields.

In the modern world, farmers use a three-branched harvest system to increase the grain logistics efficiency. This implies the use of special agricultural machinery - storage bin of the reloader and a grain truck trailer.

Calculate the efficiency of your field logistics!


How to overload the BNP-40

Very often, farmers do not understand why a hopper-loader, they say, a grain truck, and so will fall into the field ... First, if the field is wet, then the call will come in, but here it will no longer leave. Secondly, grain carriers spoil the soil by compacting it. Third, they tell us - "The harvester can go to the grain trucks!" - "Maybe, but how long does it take? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? The task of any combine harvester is to harvest!" Watch the video and see how fast an overload of nearly 40 cubic meters is. corn into a grain truck! And the combine is still mowing ... willwil  

International Field Days in Ukraine

Egritech at the International Field Days Ukraine The first day of the event was pleasantly impressed on a large scale The participants prepared an interesting business solution for modern agrarians The German guests shared their international harvest experience A record of Ukraine was set - for the largest vyshyvanka made by the Berthoud sprayer At the Egritech stand was presented the automobile trains of the crop of ACS. Based on MAZ. Our product is designed for efficient transportation of grain crops and can transport 28 tons of raw materials for one time. Event The international field days in Ukraine continue until June 21st. We invite all those who wish. To meet at the Egritech stand!

Egritech at the Terrasoft Business and IT Leaders Forum

Answer the question "What is a brand?" Have you answered? Encyclopedia quoted? And now the option is from us! The brand is when your cases are interesting to people absolutely in no way connected with the product of the company and its activities "In just 3 years we have become exactly this: we not only produce agricultural machinery, we do not just go to the client, we do not just teach people to increase their profits - we are happy to share our experience!" It was about Oleg Averyanov's own experience during the Terrasoft forum. And listening was about: both the current challenges faced by the business and the personal challenges for the "brand's father," the innovations that are needed to evolve under the conditions of "turbulence" and much more. Interesting? So follow our page where we will necessarily publish this case! Thanks to the organizers for a large-scale event and are ready to continue to share their experiences!

Results AGRO 2019

Exhibition AGRO 2019 was held at the height. Summing up the event, we draw attention to the pleasant results from Egritech: Награда Gold medal in the nomination: innovation in the development and production of machinery for transporting grain Awarding certificate of quality from Leonid Pogorely UkrNDIPVT for an online efficiency calculator Report by the Director of Egritech at the seminar on "State support for farms and agricultural service cooperatives in 2019" And also a lot of pleasant impressions from the guests of the Egritech stand Thanks to all participants of the event, joint successful relations with Astra and XCMG Ukraine deserve special attention. The organizers of the exhibition AGRO - managed to create an incredible mood. Until next year!

Egritech Kaizen

"Continuous improvement" or "change for the better" - this is exactly the case, from the Japanese language, the word Kaizen is translated. It is an enterprise management practice that focuses on the continuous improvement of production processes, development, auxiliary business processes and management, as well as all aspects of the organization's life. Kaizen is a commission in Egritech that has been active in recent years and already has tangible results. A system of economical production is introduced in the mechanical shop: there are improvements and optimization in different production units. On June 5, a regular meeting took place The proposed improvements concern the production sector of the enterprise, the development of corporate culture, increase productivity, reduce losses and improve the efficiency of equipment. The Commission considered 9 proposals, 7 of which were approved Egritech is working on the smallest details, contemplating every step of production, choosing the most successful and well-considered solutions. Machinery from Egritech - your reliable assistant for many years!

Labor Day

The International Labor Organization estimates that annually at work, millions of accidents occur, leading to absences from work for more than 3 days. Every day in the world die, as a result of accidents and morbidity at work, about 5,000 people. Egritech - one of the largest Ukrainian industrial companies of agricultural equipment and to the issue of occupational safety - is extremely responsible. 👨‍🏫 31 May, on Egritech Labor Safety Day was held ! The program of the event was built creatively - employees were shown videos, they did not intrusively and at the same time explain how it is necessary to comply with the rules of occupational safety and fire safety. Workers who do not violate these rules during the production process were awarded certificates. Main value of the Company Egritech – these are her people!    Therefore, the company, this issue is given special attention and control. Taking into account the specifics of this or that working process, appropriate instructions, regulations, safety regulations are developed, systematic instructions are given to employees and all personnel.   Their safety and health is extremely important! The main call of the event - always observe safety regulations!  It will save your life and health for many years!  And remember - home waiting for you!!!

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