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Egritech is a Ukrainian agricultural producer. equipment for the collection and transportation of grain crops.

Together with the British engineering company Gartech Group, we developed the best solution to increase logistics efficiency grain crops in Ukraine. Each model of agricultural machinery Egritech is a unique business solution, produced by individual miscalculations and international standards. Considering the maximum permeability, the load on equipment, a feature of the base grain storage facilities and landscape fields.

In the modern world, farmers use a three-branched harvest system to increase the grain logistics efficiency. This implies the use of special agricultural machinery - storage bin of the reloader and a grain truck trailer.

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Results AGRO 2019

Exhibition AGRO 2019 was held at the height. Summing up the event, we draw attention to the pleasant results from Egritech: Награда Gold medal in the nomination: innovation in the development and production of machinery for transporting grain Awarding certificate of quality from Leonid Pogorely UkrNDIPVT for an online efficiency calculator Report by the Director of Egritech at the seminar on "State support for farms and agricultural service cooperatives in 2019" And also a lot of pleasant impressions from the guests of the Egritech stand Thanks to all participants of the event, joint successful relations with Astra and XCMG Ukraine deserve special attention. The organizers of the exhibition AGRO - managed to create an incredible mood. Until next year!

Egritech Kaizen

"Continuous improvement" or "change for the better" - this is exactly the case, from the Japanese language, the word Kaizen is translated. It is an enterprise management practice that focuses on the continuous improvement of production processes, development, auxiliary business processes and management, as well as all aspects of the organization's life. Kaizen is a commission in Egritech that has been active in recent years and already has tangible results. A system of economical production is introduced in the mechanical shop: there are improvements and optimization in different production units. On June 5, a regular meeting took place The proposed improvements concern the production sector of the enterprise, the development of corporate culture, increase productivity, reduce losses and improve the efficiency of equipment. The Commission considered 9 proposals, 7 of which were approved Egritech is working on the smallest details, contemplating every step of production, choosing the most successful and well-considered solutions. Machinery from Egritech - your reliable assistant for many years!

Labor Day

The International Labor Organization estimates that annually at work, millions of accidents occur, leading to absences from work for more than 3 days. Every day in the world die, as a result of accidents and morbidity at work, about 5,000 people. Egritech - one of the largest Ukrainian industrial companies of agricultural equipment and to the issue of occupational safety - is extremely responsible. 👨‍🏫 31 May, on Egritech Labor Safety Day was held ! The program of the event was built creatively - employees were shown videos, they did not intrusively and at the same time explain how it is necessary to comply with the rules of occupational safety and fire safety. Workers who do not violate these rules during the production process were awarded certificates. Main value of the Company Egritech – these are her people!    Therefore, the company, this issue is given special attention and control. Taking into account the specifics of this or that working process, appropriate instructions, regulations, safety regulations are developed, systematic instructions are given to employees and all personnel.   Their safety and health is extremely important! The main call of the event - always observe safety regulations!  It will save your life and health for many years!  And remember - home waiting for you!!!

Blood Donor Day

On May 28, Egritech's employees participated in the donation of blood to wounded defenders of Ukraine Such a trip took place for the first time, but we intend to make it a tradition! The donor's day was widely supported by our colleagues Men and women have come to our aid actively, many for the first time, but for such honor, no harm and no fear! We passed almost 14 liters of blood! "Such an idea has arisen with us for a long time. And this year we managed to put it into practice! It's nice that the Egritech staff responded willingly to her and came today to a blood donation site. Thanks to everyone who is not indifferent! "- Oleg Borsch Dear donors, Thank you! You have done a noble deed! Keep yourselves!

AGRO 2019

Before the largest agro-industrial exhibition in Ukraine and Eastern Europe: AGRO 2019 exhibition - 12 days left. We have prepared a lot of interesting solutions for modern farmers.   We will present relevant business solutions for the efficient logistics of grain and sunflower seeds. We invite all farmers to the Egritech booth. We remind you: the official opening of the exhibition is at 11:00, June 4, 2019.

Agroshow 2019

Egritech visited the exhibition Agroshow Ukraine 2019 in Cherkassy. Together with the Astra company, the BNP-30 bunker was presented with a powerful tractor from Fendt Global 1038 Vario. The local event in Cherkassy, a large scale and a concentrate of business solutions for modern agrarians, is spectacular. Combines and tractors from Fendt Global, on a large, magnificent stand, our official representatives of the Astra - to the liking, the addition of large units, a variety of trailers and an alternating tool. Modern sightseeing solutions, with drones and the latest drip irrigation systems, clever seedlings and a host of innovative innovative ideas have left a pleasant experience and a brilliant experience. Urban exhibition Agroshow 2019 in Cherkasy, pleasantly surprised by the care of the best agrarians of the region. On the stage, solemnly, 30 best agronomists and agrarians of the region were congratulated. The show was complemented by appearances by the enchanting agro-ladies and dancing young musi-agro. Thanks to the organizers, for a good mood, we wish all participants success in implementing their own business decisions.