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About us

Fertile black soil is one of the main assets of Ukraine. Our grain is actively exported worldwide. It is considered the highest grade and is recognized as the best in many countries. Every year, in Ukraine, millions of tons of selected wheat and sunflower crops are harvested. This is a high quality raw material for the production of a variety of food products. Ukrainian lands are favorable, fertile and able to feed - centuries. To increase the efficiency and quality of harvesting, in the modern world, they use high-quality agricultural equipment, which is associated with fast and high-quality harvesting.

Egritech company is a Ukrainian producer of modern agricultural machinery for transporting the harvest. Together with the British engineering company Gartech Group, we have developed the best solution for the transportation of grain in Ukraine. Before the production of each next unit of equipment - our experts make miscalculations, taking into account the maximum load, the landscape of the field and throughput. Each order is a unique business solution. All calculations take place individually, in accordance with your requirements and international quality standards.

History of the company

The Egritech company was created in 2017, on the basis of the manufacturing enterprise Pozhmashin. Together with the British engineering company Gartech Group, the main technological solutions were developed for modern harvesting and transportation. Egritech production facilities are equipped with specialized high-tech equipment for the production of high-quality agricultural equipment. The serial production of agricultural machinery Egritech, works on the principles of European values. Namely - high quality, reliability and innovative solutions.