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Fertile soil- is one of the major asset of Ukraine. Our grain exported actively, as is appreciated in many countries around the world. Every year in Ukraine grow millions of tons of selected wheat and sunflowers, from which we obtain high quality raw materials for the production of food. Therefore, for the development of the domestic agricultural sector - just need to have high-quality agricultural equipment. It is equally important to harvest took place quickly and with the least loss of raw materials.

After analyzing the market of domestic agricultural machinery, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to create new, innovative machine that will guarantee you a cost-effectiveness.

history of the company

Engineering company "Gartech Group", which operates in the UK market, in cooperation with domestic manufacturers established "Egritech" trading house.

We are convinced that the Ukrainian market, at the time of establishment of the company, there were no similar to that offered "Egritech". Not every company can enlist the support of foreign partners, and not every company has access to the developments that have been developed over decades. Therefore, it was decided to create a "Egritech" company. Foreign experience and domestic hands could create a truly high-quality, reliable equipment, designed for Ukrainian roads.

Our engineers together with the British company "Gartech Group" managed to develop its own technology for harvesting, and then - his own farm machinery. Silos, grain harvesters and trading house "Egritech" impress with their reliability, quality and, most importantly, economical.

Agricultural machinery is not something new and unknown. For decades, manufacturers, together with business executives are committed to developing the best solutions to optimize the harvest process. We decided to not just take a responsible approach to the issue of creating your own machine, and to use already accumulated store of knowledge of our partners from the UK, on the basis of which were developed by our vehicles. First of all, we have been taken and technical base of the British developments and features of the domestic soil, as well as roads that will drive the car and combines. Then we developed a three-tier harvest technology, aimed at the economy, especially the client.