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Egritech is a Ukrainian manufacturer of agricultural machinery for harvesting and transporting grain crops. Together with the British engineering company Gartech Group, we have developed a better solution to increase the efficiency of grain logistics in Ukraine. Each model of Egritech agricultural machinery is a unique business solution, carried out according to individual budgets and international standards. Considering the maximum permeability, the load on the equipment, the feature of basing the objects of grain storage and the landscape of the field.


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Founded in 2017, Egritech, together with the British engineering company Gartech Group, have developed major technological solutions to increase the efficiency of harvesting and transporting grain crops. The production capacity of Egritech is based in Ukraine, equipped with specialized equipment that allows to produce more than 300 units. agricultural machinery per year. The serial is based on the principles of European values, namely – high quality, reliability and innovative solutions.


Fertile black soil is one of Ukraine’s main assets. Our grain – actively exported, worldwide, is considered the highest variety and recognized as the best in many countries. Every year in Ukraine, millions of tons of harvested wheat and sunflower are harvested, which is subsequently used as a high-quality raw material for the production of many food products.

“The Ukrainian chernozem is extremely favorable for growing high quality grain.”


Georgiy Panfil – owner агрогосподарства

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