Video recommendation from FORCAGE

Forklift Company

Finance Director Veretennik Alexander

5 units of ASP 2646 are used


Video recommendation “Agropartner 2013”

March 31 2021

ТОВ “Agropartner 2013” Chief Mechanic Gerasimenko Yuri Use 1 unit ASPS 2646 MAZ

Video recommendation from “B.О.S. Malutintci Agro”

March 15 2021

LLC “B.О.S. Malutintci Agro” Chief Engineer Melnick Sergiy Use 1 unit BNR-20-2

Video recommendation from “AGRO KIM”

October 29 2020

Chief Engineer Mikhail Koshevoy Use 4 units of BNP-30 with weighing systems and GPRS data transmission

Video recommendation from “AgroPromHimCentre”

September 2 2020

AgroPromChimCentre Chief engineer Alexey Rudyak Використовують 1 одиницю АСПС 2646

Video recommendation from “Piramida-Аgrо”

August 4 2020

Piramida-Agro CEO Oleksandr Bondarenko Use 1 unit BNP-16

Video recommendation from BOGDANOVA

March 10 2020

Bogdanivske JSC Engineer for the operation of the machine-tractor park Igor Use 2 units of BNP-30