Size matters: from 16 to 40 – differences between reloader storage bins

The market of storage bins for reloaders in Ukraine is growing from year to year. All models on the market differ in a dozen different indicators:

  1. Body capacity
  2. Wheeled or tracked
  3. Number of screws
  4. Screw diameter
  5. Power of the aggregated tractor
  6. Unloading speed
  7. Additional options

Let’s see how storage bins are fundamentally different with the most popular capacity on the market – 16 m3, 20 m3, 30 m3 and 40 m3.

BNP-16 – designed for aggregation with a light tractor with a capacity of 120-150 hp. As a rule it has 2 axles, 2 screws (horizontal and vertical). Such bunkers are overloaded very quickly – 3-4 minutes and again go to the field. The main disadvantage is the small capacity! The storage hopper volume is not sufficient for a modern Fendt Ideal combine, but it is quite sufficient for a combine with an 8 m3 internal hopper. If the farm has 1 such harvester, then it is enough to supplement it with a BNP-16 transfer bunker

BNP-20 – recommended for farmers who have tractors from 150 hp in their machine and tractor fleet. It should be noted that BNP-20 can be uniaxial and single-screw or biaxial and twin-screw. In this case, it is better to focus on the soil and the conditions in which the equipment will have to work. The biggest difference between BNP-20 and BNP-20-2 is in overall dimensions. We described in detail all the differences in the article “BNP -20 vs BNP 20-2”. Such bunkers are ideal for agricultural enterprises that have either 1 harvester and the distance from it to the road is up to 5 km, or 2 harvesters with an internal bunker capacity of up to 12 m3 and a short distance to the road.

BNP-30 is a super popular model with a capacity of 30m3! It can be easily aggregated with a tractor from 220 hp. It fully and completely meets the conditions for creating a three-link harvesting chain – a combine-bunker-grain carrier. Such storage bins are overloaded rather quickly – about 10 m3 of crop per minute. It should be remembered that grain moisture is a very important factor affecting the unloading speed. “Thirty” are biaxial, twin-screw and fit into the size. They also have a huge number of additional options: the ability to install weighing systems, the ability to install rubber 600 mm or 650 mm wide.

BNP-40 or “forty” – are intended for agricultural enterprises with a large number of combines and vast fields with crops. The hopper capacity is 40 m3. For aggregation, a tractor from 280 hp is required. These bins are reloaded in 5-6 minutes. In order that they do not create excessive pressure on the ground and evenly distribute their own weight, they have 3 axles. For better maneuverability, the first and third axles are rotary. Like the BNP-30, the BNP-40 transfer hoppers have a number of options: the ability to install weighing systems and rubber with a width of 560 mm to 650 mm.

Summary: before buying a reloader storage bin, evaluate your machine and tractor fleet and land bank. Taking into account the information given in the article, choose the best option for the reloader bunker for you, and Egritech guarantees the delivery of the equipment on time.


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