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Full weight
Required tractor power

Bunker loader storage BNP-16

  • Required tractor power – from 150 hp
  • Body volume – 16 m³
  • Payload – 14 tons

Bunker loader storage BNP-30

  • Required tractor power – from 220 hp
  • Body volume – 30 m³
  • Payload – 22.5 t.

Bunker reloader BNP-20-2 grain store

  • Required tractor power – from 180 hp
  • Body volume – 20 m³
  • Payload – 15 tons

Bunker reloader BNP-40 grain store

  • Required tractor power – from 250 hp
  • Body volume – 40 m³
  • Payload – 29 tons

Why us

Storage hopper grain reloader

Grain reloading bunker - agricultural machinery for collecting grain, designed to increase the efficiency of the logistics of grain, oilseeds and legumes. The harvester and hopper reloader reduce harvesting time by more than 25%, compared with the work of the combine and grain truck in the field.

Increase the efficiency of your agricultural machinery by more than 20%

Minimum ground load

High pace of work

Grain reloader work in the field

The grain hopper is paired with combines, directly in the field. Combines in motion overload the grain, until the drive hopper is completely filled, without loss of time to stop.

After the loader is filled with grain, the drive bunker is sent to the edge of the field, where it is subsequently unloaded into the grain truck or grain train.

The process of unloading the grain hopper is based in one part of the field. Usually – this is a favorable place, outside the field, which has a free path to exit. The hopper reloader evenly fills the road train grain carriers.

The hopper reloader eliminates the need for entry into the field of grain carriers, minimizes the wear of the chassis. He, the storage hopper reloader, saves time and significantly increases the results of the effectiveness of grain logistics. The hopper reloader is indispensable when harvesting corn, especially in rainy autumn. At a time when dirt and grain can not enter or leave the field in the fields, the hopper reloader easily copes with this task due to its design.

Grain reloader hopper wheelset system uses wide-profile rubber. This minimizes the load on the soil, increases the cross-country ability and maneuverability of equipment, and also prevents the formation of soil seals. The grain hopper design allows you to fill your own body, simultaneously with two combines.

This technology allows you to increase the efficiency of logistics through conveyor movement, one after another: a combine harvester, a tractor with a storage hopper, a grain truck.

Buy a hopper for grain in Ukraine

The price for the purchase of a reloading hopper is indicated on the page of each equipment on our website. The grain hopper can be equipped with a waterproof awning, a roll-up drive of the awning, a weighing system with a GPS and GPRS thermal printer, and others.



Egritech is a Ukrainian manufacturer of agricultural machinery for the collection and transportation of grain crops. Together with the British engineering company Gartech Group, we have developed the best solution to increase the efficiency of grain logistics in Ukraine. Each model of agricultural machinery Egritech - is a unique business solution, produced according to individual miscalculations and international standards. Given the maximum cross-country ability, the load on the equipment, the feature of basing grain storage objects and field landscape.



Georgiy Panfil – owner агрогосподарства

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