Ukrainian dealer for Ukrainian technology

Today we receive guests – our partners and dealers are Agsolco Ukraine
The purpose of their visit is to get acquainted with the production ⚙️🖲🎛, to see with their own eyes the state-of-the-art equipment з with which our equipment is manufactured and the business discussion of certain aspects of cooperation 🤝 companies.
A tour of the Company’s facilities for guests was a real discovery!
The level at which mechanical and pre-processing of parts and blanks is carried out, metal cleaning, welding and painting, both individual structural elements and finished products, can undoubtedly be compared with European manufacturers!
That’s what our partners think!
Also during the meeting of the CEO of the Company Oleg Averyanov and the CEO of Agsolco Ukraine Vitaliy Skotsyk:
✅ discussed the prospects of cooperation for 2021-2026,
✅ analyzed current trends in the market of specialized cars in Ukraine
✅ impact, independent of companies, of factors on the country’s economy.
We thank our dealers for such a fruitful meeting and personally Vitaliy Skotsyk for a reliable partnership!


Improving production logistics is another stage of the Company’s development.

October 29 2020

The cargo crane for improvement of a logistic component of storage and transportation of metal is already ready to work

About our equipment. Interviews from partners – objectively and informatively

October 29 2020

An interesting interview from experienced partners

Interview about UCAB CEO of the Company Oleg Averyanova with the President of the Association “Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business” Alex Lissitsa

October 23 2020

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Universal storage hopper for the most popular tractor in the country.

October 20 2020

Universal storage hopper for the most popular tractor in the country. BNP-16 and MTZ - a good combination!

Congratulations on Defender’s Day!

October 14 2020

Dear our defenders, accept the most sincere congratulations on the occasion of your holiday and words of gratitude for the constant patriotism and courage!

The new model of the bunker is already in the field

October 12 2020

Our new BNP-20/2 is already working in the fields of Poltava region! Its benefits are described in more detail in the article.