Grain truck KAMAZ

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Hopper body
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Grain truck ASPS 2646 KAMAZ road train


  • Body volume – 22 + 24 m³
  • Payload – 29.8 tons
  • Base chassis – KAMAZ

Production of a grain truck body

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  • Body volume – 22 m³
  • Payload – 14 tons

Why us

Grain truck KAMAZ

KAMAZ grain truck is one of the most frequently used chassis in the production of new grain carriers. Egritech is engaged in the production of new grain carriers on the KAMAZ chassis in Ukraine. Also chassis of other brands are available - MAN, MAZ, and others.

Operation in all weather conditions

High efficiency

Proven chassis quality

Buy a KAMAZ grain truck in Ukraine

KAMAZ is the largest manufacturer of various equipment in the world; therefore, KAMAZ grain carriers are produced at the Egritech plant.

Based on the design of the KAMAZ grain truck, we can talk about operation in any weather conditions. KAMAZ engine power and maneuverability allows transporting bulky cargo over long distances; all this makes the KAMAZ grain truck a profitable acquisition that pays for itself in the shortest possible time.

The new KAMAZ grain truck is used by trading companies, logistics companies, and farming enterprises that transport hundreds of thousands of tons of grain per year annually. The cost-effectiveness of the KAMAZ grain truck is due to the low cost of the parts that are used to service the equipment.

KAMAZ grain truck the dump truck is equipped with a body from the manufacturer Egritech:

  • High power;
  • Excellent maneuverability;
  • Proven Reliability over the years;
  • Cabin with a “sleeping bag”;
  • Profitability;

Sale of dumping grain trucks KAMAZ

You can buy a KAMAZ grain truck in any region of Ukraine except the occupied territory of Donetsk and Lugansk region. On our site you can find prices and photos for all grain carriers from the manufacturer Egritech.



Egritech is a Ukrainian manufacturer of agricultural machinery for the collection and transportation of grain crops. Together with the British engineering company Gartech Group, we have developed the best solution to increase the efficiency of grain logistics in Ukraine. Each model of agricultural machinery Egritech - is a unique business solution, produced according to individual miscalculations and international standards. Given the maximum cross-country ability, the load on the equipment, the feature of basing grain storage objects and field landscape.



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