What do we see in the video?

The standard start of the day is with the driver of the grain carrier, who daily “enters” the field to collect grain from the combine. Every morning, the driver is forced to blow through the air filter to remove dust that has accumulated in the field.

Such “blowdowns” harm the filter. After all, the filter consists of “fibers”, which trap dust, and when blowing a powerful stream of air gradually destroys them. Thus, each time the filter life is significantly reduced and, each time, the filter retains less and less dust. In addition, the operation of any truck in the field is considered extreme conditions that significantly reduce the vehicle’s life.

Hence, respectively, there are 2 options: either blow less often, and the truck will lose engine power, or blow every time, which will lead to an increase in the amount of dust that will enter the engine, since the filter will lose “fluff”.
But there is another way! Do not enter the field with a grain truck. He has to wait for loading on the road near the field. For the purpose of transporting the crop from the field to the grain carrier, there are storage bins and reloaders Egritech.

Why transfer silos? Because if the grain carrier does not enter the field, then something must bring the crop to it: either a combine harvester, or something else. The task of the harvester is continuous grain harvesting. The harvester does not have to stop in order to reload into the grain carrier somewhere at the edge of the field. The harvester does not have to stop the harvest in the middle of the field and take out the grain with a full, loaded own bunker.

Both unloading stops and grain removal lead to a loss of time for the combine and excessive wear of parts.
The only correct option remains – the purchase of a reloader storage hopper. This tractor trailer allows you to:

  1. Save up to 30% time when harvesting grain crops;
  2. Work the harvester without stopping;
  3. Carry out the harvest from the combine in the field to the grain truck on the road;
  4. Save on saving grain trucks from extras



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