For many years, the most popular vehicle for transporting crops from the field to the elevator is the “grain truck”.
What do we call a “grain truck”?
Typically, this word summarizes a number of different machines:

  1. A truck with a dump body designed to transport bulk materials.
  2. Road train consisting of a truck and a trailer, which are equipped with dump bodies for transportation of bulk materials.
  3. Tractor with tipper semitrailer.

A natural question arises “How not to make a mistake in choosing a grain truck?”

We believe that we need to start from the tasks, or rather from the operating conditions and modes of transportation that will be set before this equipment.

When it comes to transporting grain crops from the field to a remote elevator or directly to the port by general purpose, it is advantageous to choose a tractor with a semi-trailer. This will allow to transport large volumes of cargo and effectively maneuver in the conditions of grain terminals. How to choose a grain truck semi-trailer, we told in previous articles

When it comes to transporting grain crops from the field to the stream on dirt roads, it is better to choose a road train consisting of a truck and a trailer. This will allow you to transport the same amount of cargo as in the semi-trailer, but will significantly increase the passability of the vehicle itself.
Why so? As a rule, tractors used in the transportation of grain crops have a 2 * 4 wheel formula, and grain trucks are designed to work in the field and have a 6 * 4 wheel formula. Respectively 2 running axles, better than 1.

Secondly, these are the conditions of unloading. Typically, elevators have either special ramps for lifting the grain truck for unloading, or have an unlimited height so that you can lift up the body of the semi-trailer. Small farms, on the contrary, use storage “on the floor” of the warehouse. In such a room, lifting the body with a semi-trailer is not possible. Instead, the road train easily rolls its body in any direction.
There is another option, when unloading takes place on a ramp with a rash in a special pit. Such a ramp usually has a roof to protect the pit from rain or snow, as well as to make the unloading process independent of weather conditions. In this case, the unloading of the grain truck is possible only on the side, usually on the right.

Therefore, the first conclusion in order to choose the right grain truck, you must first assess:

  • Ways on which the equipment will work
  • Conditions existing at unloading points

After the choice is made in favor of a dump truck and a dump trailer for it, the question arises about the total body volume of this equipment.

Does more always mean better?

The market now offers many options: from 40 to 60 m3.
And most think so – I’ll take more! The more, the better! This is not entirely true. First of all, it is necessary to remember that in Ukraine there is a limit on the maximum allowable weight of cargo transportation, namely 40,800 kg. Therefore it is possible to have the total volume of a body of a road train-grain truck and 80 m3, but its weight with freight should not exceed 40800 kg. So it turns out that the grain train has a volume of 60 m3, and the full body of that sunflower, as a crop with the lowest specific weight, can not carry. After all, the weight of the cargo will be 30 tons, and the equipped weight of the hitch “truck + trailer” is about 20 tons. The total weight in this case will be about 50 tons, which will lead to violations of the law and fines.
Given the above, it is advisable:

  • Analyze which crops will be transported;
  • Due to the proportion of crops to determine the maximum possible volume for transportation;
  • Analyze the offer on the market and choose the equipment with the lowest equipment weight.

To make it easier for you to navigate the technical indicators of various offers on the market, we have summarized them in a comparative table.

Parameter nameASPS 2646
Total volume m346333860
Curb weight, kg16500160002300020000
Maximum permitted weight of cargo, kg24300248001780020800
Maximum permissible weight of cargo, kg45200413004700054000

From the table you can see that the best offer is Egritech.
After all, if you transport crops without violating Ukrainian legislation, the grain trucks ASPS 2646 make it possible to transport the highest, maximum permissible weight of cargo.



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