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Tractor semi-trailer dump truck NPST-24

  • Payload: 24 tons.
  • Body capacity: 24m3.
  • Required tractor power: from 220 hp

Tractor semitrailer tractor NPST-16

  • Payload: 16 tons
  • Required tractor power: 120-150 hp

Why us

Tractor trailer and semi-trailers

Tipper trailer from the manufacturer Egritech. We produce tractor trailers - NPST 14, NPST 24, NPST 26, where the number in the model is 14-26, the number of cubes of the tractor trailer. Trailers are designed to carry heavy loads, too, sand, gravel, wood chips, clay, construction waste.

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Buy a tractor trailer in Ukraine

  • Tractor trailer NPST-14 – Required tractor power – from 120 to 150 hp Body volume – 14 m³ Payload – 14 tons;
  • Tractor trailer NPST-24 – Required tractor power – from 220 hp Body volume – 24 m³ Payload – 24 tons;
  • Tractor trailer NPST-26 – Required tractor power – from 220 hp Body volume – 26 m³ Payload – 26 tons;

You can always buy a trailer for a tractor in Ukraine (from 14 to 26 cubic meters).
The main advantages of tractor trailers:

  1. Easy to use;
  2. Decrease in time for transportation of grain;
  3. Reduce the cost of transporting other goods
  4. Universal – suitable for transporting heavy loads, or larger loads in conjunction with a tractor from the loading point to the unloading place.
  5. Convenient loading and unloading;
  6. Great maneuverability and maneuverability.

Sale of tractor trailers in Ukraine

You can buy a dumping tractor trailer on our website. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the technique at the demo display of tractor trailers, directly at the factory, at agricultural exhibitions, or at the sites of our dealers. Everyone who is wondering if I will buy a tractor trailer can arrange delivery of the trailer to any region of Ukraine.



Egritech is a Ukrainian manufacturer of agricultural machinery for the collection and transportation of grain crops. Together with the British engineering company Gartech Group, we have developed the best solution to increase the efficiency of grain logistics in Ukraine. Each model of agricultural machinery Egritech - is a unique business solution, produced according to individual miscalculations and international standards. Given the maximum cross-country ability, the load on the equipment, the feature of basing grain storage objects and field landscape.



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