Semi-trailers and trailers dumping grain truck

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NPS 2650 dump truck semi-trailer

  • Body volume – 52 m³
  • Payload – 25.8 tons

NPS 2150 dump truck semi-trailer

  • Body volume – 50 m³
  • Payload – 21.8 tons

Why us

Tipper semi-trailer and tipper trailers

Trailer and tipper semi-trailer - specialized equipment for transporting grain and oilseeds. Designed in conjunction with British experts, with the engineering company Gartech Group and comply with international quality standards. The PS 1424 trailer can either be offered to the buyer as an independent unit of equipment, or as part of a road train. The NPS 2650 semi-trailer is an integral and effective component of modern train grain, especially for transporting grain from the elevator to the port.

An integral and effective component of modern train grain

Equipped with removable arches and water-repellent awning

Multilayer high-quality paintwork

Buy a tipper semi-trailer in Ukraine

There are 2 types of dump truck trailers:

  1. Tipper trailer;
  2. Tipper semi-trailer;

The frame and supporting elements of the trailer and semi-trailer are made of structural low-alloy steel 09G2S (hot-rolled quiet). For the manufacture of a dump truck trailer body, structural carbon steel St3PS is used

The guarantee of the wear resistance of the truck semitrailer is the automatic welding operation, which ensures a high-quality thin weld in the environment of protective gases

The bodies of the dump truck’s trailer are equipped with removable arcs and a water-repellent awning, with a winding and tensioning mechanism, as well as a service platform, with a ladder

For ease of operation of trailers, the tailgate is made of two parts. Tipper trailers are equipped with additional hinged sides.

We use multilayer high-quality paint technology that preserves the surface of dump truck trailers, protects against grouting with bulk materials, provides high wear resistance and thermal resistance ..

Sale of dump trailers and trailers in Ukraine

Each model of Egritech tipper trailers and tipper semitrailers is a unique business solution, made according to the special calculations of the design office, with mandatory modeling of all possible loads .. You can buy a tipper semitrailer or a tipper trailer in any region of Ukraine. Before you buy a dump truck trailer in Ukraine, it is worth deciding on the volume that is required for the job.



Egritech is a Ukrainian manufacturer of agricultural machinery for the collection and transportation of grain crops. Together with the British engineering company Gartech Group, we have developed the best solution to increase the efficiency of grain logistics in Ukraine. Each model of agricultural machinery Egritech - is a unique business solution, produced according to individual miscalculations and international standards. Given the maximum cross-country ability, the load on the equipment, the feature of basing grain storage objects and field landscape.


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Georgiy Panfil – owner агрогосподарства

Use 1 unit BNP-20-2

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Ivan Borchila – director of the agricultural enterprise

Use 2 units grain reloading BNP-30

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Vladimir Kandu – Owner

Use 1 unit of BNP-16

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