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The reloading trailer BNP-40

The reloading trailer BNP-40

Reloading Trailers

Bunker nakaplivatel BNP-40 - tank to collect the greatest capacity harvest, which offers our company. We have developed their bunkers so that by the time of harvest was enough only two harvesters. This technology makes it possible to save on one processor up to 5 million hryvnia.

Bunker-nakaplivatel is an integral component of the three-tier technology harvest. Combines nonstop move across the field U-like route, and between them, in a circle, moving hopper nakaplivatel. Due nonstop process efficiency and speed of the harvest is increased by 30%.


Characteristics of the bunker


BNP-40:Model of the BNP-40
discharge system of the body of the hopper auger
unloading speed hopper 8.7 min
Speed of movement allowed 30
Total weight (no more than) 40 000
Curb weight (no more than) 9000
Capacity (no more than) 31 000
Body capacity hopper m / cc 40
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