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Bunker reloader hopper BNP-40

Bunker reloader hopper BNP-40

Reloading hopper

The largest model is designed to work in the fields, with a lot of harvest.

Bunker reloader hopper storage BNP - agricultural harvesting equipment, designed to increase the efficiency of grain crop logistics. The bunker reloader hopper is designed, in conjunction with British specialists, from the Gartech Group engineering company and meets international quality standards.

The best solution is to transport grain crops in Ukraine.


Each model of agricultural machinery Egritech - is a unique business solution, carried out on individual miscalculations, taking into account the maximum pertinence and load on the equipment, the feature of the base of grain storage facilities and field landscapes. The BNP bunker reloader hopper facilitates the continuous operation of combines, without stopping for unloading.

The process of unloading combines is in motion, automatically, without difficulty or possession of specialized skills. Egritech bins - are made from the highest grade of raw materials and meet international quality standards. The wheel system uses a wide-profile rubber - it minimizes the load on the ground, increases the permeability and maneuverability of machinery, as well as prevents the formation of soil seals. The design of the BNP bunkers allows you to fill your own tank, at the same time, with two combines.

Suspension of the bunker of the reloader - has a high wear resistance and is designed for stable operation at high loads. Frame and bearing elements - made of structural low-alloy steel 09Г2С. For fabrication of the hopper of the Egritech reloader - structural carbon steel is used. The guarantee of durability is the production of high-precision semi-automatic welding, which provides a qualitative thin welded seam, in the environment of protective gases. For simplification of transportation and preservation of agricultural products - the body of the BNP bunker from Egritech, equipped with removable arches and a water repellent tent, with a mechanism of tire and tension, as well as a service area, with stairs. The Egritech reloader agricultural bunker has high permeability and agility. In the production of a bunker, we use wide-profile low-pressure wheels, which technologically creates less load on the soil. Buy Bunker Egritec reloader can fill a tank - at the same time, with two combines.

Technical specifications

Name of the characteristic Unit Performance indicator
Bunker Body Discharge System auger
Bunker unloading speed min 6.5
Full mass kg 40 000
Curb weight kg 11 000
Load capacity kg 29 000
Bunker body capacity 40
Length mm 10 800
Width mm 3 450
Total height mm 5 240

tandem, trial axis dependent,

with leaf springs and jet rods

Wheel track mm 2 400±2/2 500±2
Wheels disc



Type of tires Tubeless
Tire size

560/60 R22.5

600/55 R26.5

650/55 R26.5

type of hydraulic / pneumatic
nutrition tractor system
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