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Autotrain grain carrier Egritech ASPS-1424 - made in Ukraine

Autotrain grain carrier ASPS-1424

Dump Trailer

Leader in the transportation of grain in Ukraine.

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Agricultural machinery, from the Ukrainian producer, is intended for transportation of grain crops and participates in the three-tier harvesting system. The ASGS grain car and the truck dump truck are designed together with British specialists from the engineering company Gartech Group and comply with international quality standards.

Each model of agricultural machinery from Egritech is a unique business decision, made on individual miscalculations, taking into account the maximum maneuverability, the load on equipment, the peculiarity of the basing of grain storage facilities and the landscape of the field.

Автопоезд зерновоз

The ASPS grain train is designed for transporting cereals - up to 28 tons of cereals at a time. The suspension has increased wear resistance and is designed for stable operation at high loads. Frame and supporting elements - made of low-alloy structural steel 09G2S. For the manufacture of grain trucks and dump trucks Egritech - we use structural carbon steel ST3PS. A guarantee of wear resistance is the production of high-precision semi-automatic welding, which provides high-quality thin weld, in an environment of protective gases. To simplify the transportation and preservation of agricultural products - the body of Egritech grain-carriers are equipped with removable arches and water-repellent awning, with a winder and tension mechanism, as well as a platform for maintenance, with a ladder.


Grain truck and dump truck car from Egritech - has a performance of several types, depending on the type of chassis: FORD, MAZ, MAN and others. Each type is carried out individually, under the order. Modification of the road train of the grain-carrier and the car of the dump truck - is made both with closed, and open type. The road train grain truck and the dump truck car from Egritech are equipped with a throw-over platform, which results in efficient, fast and high-quality unloading of grain crops. Grain trucks and dump trucks from Egritech - are equipped with a top hitch and bolts. For ease of use, the tailgate is made of two parts - folding and swinging. The road train grain carrier and car dump truck from Egritech - has a multi-layer high-quality paint and varnish coating that perfectly preserves its surface, protects against abrasion by bulk materials, provides high wear resistance and thermal stability when transporting hot materials. For versatility and ease of use, the grain train truck and car dumper from Egritech - equipped with additional folding sides.


Name Unit Index
Full mass kg 25 200
Curb weight kg 9 700
Load capacity kg 14 000
Body capacity 22
Length mm 8 050
Width mm 2 600
Height mm 3 640
Internal body dimensions
Length mm 5 030
Width mm 2 350
Height mm 1860
Body Lifting Hydraulics two telescopic, one-sided hydraulic cylinders
Body lift angle degree 40
Car chassis FORD 3542D/KAMAZ-65115/MAZ-6501C5 - at choice
Wheel formula 6х4
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