Personal protective equipment for the Pryluchyna region

Personal protective measures are just what all physicians need when fighting the coronavirus. The Egritech Company CEO visited the Pryluky Central City Hospital yesterday, where he spoke with Chief Medical Officer Jana Pogorela and donated masks, respirators and antiseptics for medical professionals. “The Pryluky hospital is an institution that will, if necessary, receive the first wave of patients with coronavirus disease and not only the cities of Pryluk and Pryluky district, but also of neighboring districts. Medical staff should be fully protected. This is a matter of paramount importance »


Happy Old New Year!

January 14 2021

Со Старым Новым годом!

Merry Christmas!

January 7 2021

Merry Christmas! Peace, love, good luck!

Happy New Year!

December 31 2020

Happy New Year!

Distinction for innovation

December 28 2020

We were marked at the regional competition "The best innovative development"

Merry Catholic Christmas!

December 25 2020

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Happy St. Nicholas Day!

December 19 2020

Congratulations on the holiday! Peace, comfort, love and family warmth!