Congratulations on the spring!

Congratulations on the spring holiday!
The time of renewal and prosperity for farmers is special and responsible. May it be productive and successful for you!
Let the weather help, the land rewards with bountiful harvests, and reliable equipment helps in the fields.
Warmth to you, joy, success and great mood!


Happy Easter!

May 2 2021

Congratulations on the holiday! Happy and joyful Easter!

Meeting on quality issues

April 22 2021

Quality is a crucial area that the Company has chosen strategically in 2021.

“This car is for business!” Y. Gerasimenko

March 31 2021

What is a grain truck for agribusiness? This is a truck of our production! Is it worth buying? Ask our customers!

New delivery of equipment to Belarus

March 18 2021

Our BNP-16 storage bunkers went to the Republic of Belarus

Customer feedback on our BNP 20-2

March 15 2021

In Poltava region, in the village of Malyutyntsi, since the autumn of last year, our BNP 20/2 storage hopper has been working at the...

Congratulations on the spring!

March 8 2021

Warmth to you, joy, success and great mood!