How to choose a tipper semi-trailer for grain transportation?

A grain dump truck trailer is not a unique, but a very useful invention.
Its use can reduce the cost of transporting goods, making them safe and practical.
It is possible to achieve this effect, but it is necessary to make the right choice, taking into account various components.
Buying a dump truck semitrailer is not a special problem now, however, its further operation, maintenance and, if necessary, repair may become a problem.

So, what should you first pay attention to when choosing a semi-trailer for your economy? And how to “miscalculate” the purchase so that your choice does not bring you unnecessary trouble, but rather decides the existing ones?

When choosing a semi-trailer, you should pay attention to the following components:

  • semitrailer frame

Of course, the frame should be such that for many years considerable dynamic loads will be seen. The frame should be made in the conditions of the plant, with a new metal, which was processed by a bead-blasting machine before welding. Frame welding, for accuracy and reliability, should occur on special stocks.

  • Metal of which the semi-trailer body is made

On the market you can find, as a rule, bodies made of two types of metal – aluminum or steel. One of the drawbacks of the aluminum semitrailer is the difficulty in repairing it. If you damage the aluminum and sides, then this necessitates a fairly complicated repair.
Steel sides are much easier to repair – defects and damage can be repaired without compromising performance.

  • The ability to open the tailgate in various ways

To avoid the so-called “idle runs”, it is important that the rear side of the semitrailer can open in two positions, like the door (gate) and the top (according to the “cover” principle). In this case, the semi-trailer can be used both as a dump truck and as a pallet transporter.

  • The thickness of the floor and its strengthening

It is important to take into account the thickness of the floor precisely for the reason that pallet loads exert additional pressure on it, therefore it must be reliable. Reinforcement is necessary so that electric cars that load pallets do not damage the floor.

  • Tenting

This option must be in every grain trailer to ensure that the cargo and the semi-trailer are protected and protected from adverse weather conditions, as well as to prevent grain dispersion during transportation.

  • Tenting area

Should ensure the convenience, ease and safety of the driver during tenting.

  • Tailgate hardware

Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the hardware that locks the tailgate – the delivery of cargo without loss directly depends on its reliability.

  • The presence of a lifting axle

Axles are one of the main components of semitrailers. Axle manufacturers typically provide a separate guarantee of up to 500,000 km on them. The best axles – automatically rise when the semi-trailer is empty and lower when it is loaded.

  • Underrun protection

According to traffic requirements, trailers and semi-trailers are required to have such protection. Along with this, some neglects its presence, for the sake of reducing curb weight. This is an offense.

  • Reliability of the main semi-trailer systems (hydraulic cylinder, brakes)

The safety of working with a semi-trailer directly depends on the quality of these systems, therefore, they should not be neglected.
The hydraulic cylinder provides unloading of the semitrailer, while you should pay attention to the semitrailers that are equipped with hydraulic cylinders from the best world manufacturers. It is important that the hydraulic cylinder has a chrome finish and protection, and in case of a break in the power hose.
It is not required to prove the obligation of a reliable brake system, but nevertheless, attention should be paid to the presence of an electronic anti-lock system that automatically regulates the air pressure in the brake chambers, in order to prevent wheel lock during emergency braking of the semi-trailer.

  • An emphasis for safe work in the raised state

Sometimes, it is necessary to perform work on a raised body. In order for the contractor to be safe, the semitrailer body must be additionally fixed with a special emphasis. Some manufacturers neglect them to reduce curb weight. This is not true!

  • Additional amenities for the driver

These things are usually not obligatory, but they will make the driver’s work much more pleasant – a water tank, a tool box, a shovel and a broom
We recommend that you pay special attention to the manufacturer, namely his experience in production and the availability of after-sales service.
As you can see, there are many nuances. To deal with all of them, it’s quite possible the main thing is to carefully approach the issue.
The tipper semitrailer is the very product that provides transportation efficiency and increases profit.


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