How to protect the soil from over compaction?

The problem of soil compaction has been very acute lately. This is due to active agricultural production, the emergence of a large number of heavy agricultural machinery, imperfect organization of crop rotations.
Soil density is affected by many factors and there are many ways to avoid or eliminate the consequences.

Influence of heavy machinery on the condition of lands

In our article we want to show you how different agricultural machinery designed for harvesting affect the soil.
During the hot harvest season, farmers rush to harvest the grain as soon as possible and transport it for storage.

It happens that they ignore the advice of equipment manufacturers and drive grain trucks into the fields. These are usually trucks with trailers or dump semi-trailers.
Doing so is highly undesirable! Heavy machinery leaves deep tracks, especially if the soil is moist.

We were able to see this at the recent agricultural event “Battle of the Agrotitans”, which took place in the village. Steppe, in the Kyiv region, in the fields of “Tak Agro”. It rained on the eve of the event.

In the photo you can see 2 units of equipment – an aluminum semi-trailer dump truck NPS 2650 and a storage hopper reloading BNP-30.

The semi-trailer is made of aluminum, lightweight construction, equipped with a weight of 7.2 tons, with tires 385/65 R 22.5 and a hopper with a weight of 8.8 tons and tires 650/55 R 26.5.

Even the naked eye can see that a light semi-trailer (not loaded with grain!) Left the track on a wet field, passing only once. Instead, the heavier hopper did not leave such traces and did not adversely affect the soil structure.

For a better comparison, we have taken a series of photos that we share with you.

The difference is obvious!

Why is compaction so dangerous and what does it carry to the soil?

The problem of soil compaction in Ukraine is rapidly gaining momentum. However, so far, unfortunately, not everyone understands the threatening consequences of overcrowding.
These are:

  • Change in the structure of the soil, which over time leads to shaving and increase the forces and means for its cultivation
  • Disruption of air and moisture circulation, and as a consequence of reduced yields due to improper formation of plant roots
  • Violation of thermoregulatory processes. Excessive overheating or cooling of the soil, which can lead to crop failure.

Overcompacted soil can be restored and saved, but it is necessary to make every effort, develop a range of measures, invest resources and funds.
It is much easier to avoid this problem than to eliminate it later.

Therefore, we, as equipment manufacturers, advise farmers to use the equipment correctly for harvesting. Do not allow grain trucks to enter the fields.
Let the combine work with a tandem of a storage hopper and a tractor, which will easily and without damage bring the grain to the edge of the field, where a grain truck is waiting for it.

This will not only save time and money, but also save your fields from ruthless exploitation.


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