The first batch of gravel road trains for Selyshchans’ke LLC.

Today Egritech officially handed over the first batch of gravel road trains for Selyshchanske LLC. The first 5 units of equipment have already gone to Vinnytsya.
The large order for 25 pieces of machinery was obtained by the "Egritech" TD after participation in the tender conducted by the company. We have now offered our partners the most advantageous price and such technical parameters that are essentially important for carriers. Selyshchanske, LLC serves more than 2,000 hectares of land and transports harvested crops to elevators and ports at distances greater than 1000km.
Deputy Director of Transport Operations, Viktor Ivanovich Chernega notes that the most important factors in the purchase of grain trains are convenient service, fuel efficiency, reliability of equipment and driver comfort.
Representatives of "Selyshchanske" LLC also noted that an important component in our technology is its lightweight design, which allows transportation of the most useful cargo - up to 27 tons. And this, taking into account modern standards for the carriage of goods on Ukrainian roads, plays a very important role. Thus, the owners of "Egritech" road trains can load as much grain as possible, but at the same time do not exceed the norms allowed by the law - 40 tons.
Victor Chernega also said that the weight of a self-trains running on the road is fairly strictly controlled at their enterprise. It is mandatory to check it on scales and even the smallest surplus of cargo will pour off.
Also, our partners during the meeting shared the pleasant impressions of a recent visit to the production workshops, where they had the opportunity at each stage to check the progress of the order and make their proposals. They especially liked that our production - already sufficiently upgraded and equipped for the prompt execution of large-scale orders.