The company "Egritech" became the organizer of the scientific and practical conference "Innovations of the domestic manufacturer". The event was attended by representatives from government agencies, research institutions and agricultural market analysts.

First, they discussed the control and standardization of Ukrainian agricultural machinery. This unit was spoken by a representative from the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine Andriy Horpynyuk, deputy director for the scientific work of the State Motor Transport Research and Design Institute. The specialist emphasized that one of the main criteria for assessing road technology is its compliance with the weight standards for the carriage of goods. Since Egritech is one of the few Ukrainian manufacturers of auto trains, this topic for the company's management remains very relevant. Andriy Horpynyuk emphasized that soon mobile points will be installed in the country - so-called weighing laboratories, which will control carriers round-the-clock. He also reminded that according to the current legislation the maximum permissible mass of the vehicle together with the cargo must not exceed 40 tons. At the same time, during the conference experts from the company "Egritech" shared their innovations, thanks to which the designers are already at the stage of development and manufacture of transport prevent overload. That is, the weight of the loaded AS-2224 car trailer due to the maximum lightweight design and the correct size of the trailer / semitrailer will not exceed 40 tons.

This allows Ukrainian farmers to transport the maximum amount of payload, while not damaging Ukrainian roads.
But the director of the Ukrainian Research Institute for prediction and testing of techniques and technologies for agricultural production named after Leonid Pogorilly - Volodymyr Kravchuk told about new standards for field equipment. In his opinion, the Ukrainian producer should be guided by the three-tier harvesting technology. The technology involves the use of bunkers-reloaders, which enable combines to work smoothly and leave the field intact. Instead, the hopper moves behind the combine and loads the grain on the go, and then overloads the contents of the road train, waiting for the field. In turn, the founder of the company Egritech - Oleg Averyanov could not agree with such innovations. In his opinion, it increases the business efficiency of agrarians by 30%, because they save time and do not lose their crop. Oleg Averyanov told Egritech bunkers that do not have analogues on the domestic market due to their loading speed and the speed and ease of use in the field.
In addition, according to the company's founder, Egritech bunkers were included in the compensation program for partial (20%) compensation of the cost. And this is another bonus to the agrarians who want to save their money. The second positive side of the introduction of this program is the support of a domestic manufacturer, who wants to finally dispel the myth that foreign technology is more reliable.

Specialists of the Research Institute named after. L. Burned is constantly studying the Ukrainian market, and according to their latest observations, the domestic producer takes only 20% of the total purchase of agrarians of agricultural machinery. That is precisely what should be the initiative to create powerful mechanisms of machine-building enterprises for the production of state-of-the-art equipment in Ukraine. And for this, according to Volodymyr Kravchuk, it is necessary to create stable rules based on new platforms of interaction between science, business and the state.
In order to understand how close the business and the state are, the Egritech team invited representatives from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and the Ministry of Agroindustrial Complex of Ukraine.
Oleksandr Kriva, Head of the Department for Development of AIC and Food Products at the meeting, said that the compensation mechanism for the cost of agricultural machinery has already been approved and will work without fail, and the first purchasers of equipment included in the program, this fall have already received their compensation.
Anatoly Kuzhelyuk, deputy head of the APS technical policy department, shared the statistics of the game. According to the Ministry of Agrarian and Industrial sector, the amount of already compensated funds is UAH 46 million. In September, applications were filed for another UAH 35 million, and these funds will be distributed soon. The total number of enterprises that submitted compensation for compensation was 316 agricultural enterprises. According to Anatoly Kuzhelyuk, farms of Zaporizhzhya, Lugansk and Kherson regions proved the most active. Participants of the western regions - Volyn, Lviv and Rivne regions - became the least active. But this, according to the authorities, is just the beginning and soon all the regions will be convinced of the effectiveness and transparency of the program.
Andriy Dlygatch, an independent expert and analyst of the agrarian market, said at the meeting that farmers and agricultural producers are finally to move to a partnership model with the agribusiness and with state institutions.

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