How to choose a storage hopper reloader

Agricultural enterprises, whose activities are directly related to the cultivation and harvesting of cereals and oil crops, remains a matter of ensuring high speed of harvesting and maximally reducing the idle time of harvesters, in anticipation of unloading.

The modern transition to environmental clean-up, technology no till, as well as climate change, increasingly stop the arrival of grain trucks in the field, directly to the combine.

A number of these factors compel agrarians to decide on the acquisition of a bunker-driven transloader.

Як обрати бункер

The modern market of bunkers for reloaders is very extensive. The model range gives the opportunity of diversity, defining the main characteristics of the choice:


  • Capacity of the body from 9 m³ to 70 m³
  • Wheeled or crawler stroke
  • Screws of different diameters
  • Compatible with tractors of different power
  • Ability to install additional options

In this article, we will tell you - how to choose the right bunker reloader, to maximally match the solution of problems to individual agricultural enterprises.

Бункер-накопичувач перевантажувач

Given the modern variety of choices and the myriad number of models of bunkers for reloaders, it is first and foremost to estimate the capacity of the combine park, which will provide direct harvesting of grain. The calculation is based on the parameters of the volume of the internal hopper of the combine and the speed of its filling.Як вибрати бункер перевантажувач

It is important that the volume of the tank capacity of the bunker of the reloader - was 2 times more than the total volume of internal combine harvester bins.

For example, you have three combines. Each of them has its own built-in bunker, with a capacity of 8 m³ of the body. The total volume of all internal bins is 24 m³. In order to ensure the continuous operation of each combine, you will need three units of bunkers-reloaders, with a minimum volume of 16 m³ body. Also, with the task will handle and two bunker-drive reloader, with a total capacity of over 48 m³ or even one. By following this condition, the result of the harvesting rate will be increased by more than 25%.

Бункер перевантажувач зерна

A very important indicator of the calculations is the characteristic of the engine power of the tractor and, in fact, the number of available tractors in your tractor park. It is important to take into account the fact that the larger the capacity of the body of the bunker-drive of the reloader, the more powerful tractor you need, for optimal operation of the system and the required speed of movement.

So, for work with BNP-30 or BNP-40 you need a tractor with a capacity of at least 280 hp And for work with BNP-16 or BNP-20 there will be enough tractor, with engine power 180-220 hp

Купити бункер перевантажувач зерна

The next important aspect of the selection of the hopper-recharger is the choice of chassis or chassis. First of all, the task of this indicator is to provide a stable permanent motion on rough terrain, with minimal pressure on the soil.

For example, if the fields are on the slopes of the hills - the prevailing in maneuverability will be monosensory bunkers, type BNP-20. If the fields are located on the plains, the best option would be tandem or trideme.

When choosing tires, you should also focus on the properties and state of the soil. If, after a minimum rain, the soil becomes an impenetrable swamp, the preferred choice of bushings will be tires with a size from 650/55 R26.5 for tandems and tridems. In the event that the soil allows for more stable travel, it is possible to stop the choice at smaller tire sizes.

Бункер-накопичувач перевантажувач

Also an important indicator for selection is the speed of overload and unloading. At the same time, it influences several factors, namely the engine power and the number of revolutions per tractor's GDP per minute, as well as the diameter of the screws.

Often, most buyers think that the larger the screw diameter - the greater the speed of overload or unloading. However, this is a myth. The larger the screw diameter - the greater the weight of the screw, the greater the load on the nodes when working. In order to achieve a high rate of unloading, in the process of production of bunkers-drives, engineered-design calculations are carried out. The result of all the necessary miscalculations is the definition of the optimal diameter of the screw.

Як вибрати бункер для зерна

It is also an important indicator when selecting a hopper-driven drive, there are obviz or additional options.

Awning is extremely important when storing a bunker, maintaining the body's capacity from moisture accumulation, as well as moving the bunker between the fields. It protects the hopper's capacity from falling outside objects: branches, leaves or other rubbish.

Weighing system - allows you to directly control the weight of the crop obtained during each unloading of the combine, as well as the weight is overloaded in grain.

The lighting system - allows you to comfortably and safely operate the bunker-reloader, in the dark at night.

Sleeve for loading seeders - allows you to increase the efficiency of use. With this additional option, you will be able to use the bunker reloader, both during the harvesting company and during sowing operations.

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