Egritech Kaizen

"Continuous improvement" or "change for the better" - this is exactly the case, from the Japanese language, the word Kaizen is translated.

It is an enterprise management practice that focuses on the continuous improvement of production processes, development, auxiliary business processes and management, as well as all aspects of the organization's life.

Kaizen is a commission in Egritech that has been active in recent years and already has tangible results.

A system of economical production is introduced in the mechanical shop: there are improvements and optimization in different production units.

On June 5, a regular meeting took place

Кайтзен фото 2

The proposed improvements concern the production sector of the enterprise, the development of corporate culture, increase productivity, reduce losses and improve the efficiency of equipment.

The Commission considered 9 proposals, 7 of which were approved

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Egritech is working on the smallest details, contemplating every step of production, choosing the most successful and well-considered solutions.

Machinery from Egritech - your reliable assistant for many years!

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