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Answer the question "What is a brand?"

Have you answered? Encyclopedia quoted?

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And now the option is from us!

The brand is when your cases are interesting to people absolutely in no way connected with the product of the company and its activities

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"In just 3 years we have become exactly this: we not only produce agricultural machinery, we do not just go to the client, we do not just teach people to increase their profits - we are happy to share our experience!"

Террасофт бизнес форум 2019

It was about Oleg Averyanov's own experience during the Terrasoft forum. And listening was about: both the current challenges faced by the business and the personal challenges for the "brand's father," the innovations that are needed to evolve under the conditions of "turbulence" and much more.

Interesting? So follow our page where we will necessarily publish this case!

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Thanks to the organizers for a large-scale event and are ready to continue to share their experiences!

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