Do we need a bunker weight system?

Egritech News - Need a Bunker Weight System? Do you need a bunker weighbridge? Crop accounting is an important process. Why? But all because of the results of the account it will be possible to understand how effectively investments were made in the seed company, in the cultivation of the harvest and its harvesting.

At present, each agricultural enterprise, regardless of its size, seeks to maximally improve the process of harvesting. The availability of a special accounting program integrated with the accounting and financial accounting system is the norm.

However, what can be observed in the field? In the field quite often you can observe the process when the combine comes from a combine with a "consignment" in his hands, in which it is written how much he overloaded the grain.

бункер перевантажувач

If we talk about trilankoe harvesting, when the combine is overloaded not in grain, but in the bunker, then in the above-described approach, the combine operator after the overload is still forced to stop the combine and run with the "invoice" to the operator of the tractor or vice versa, the tractor driver until Combine ... Not the best efficiency of using time during the harvesting company. What is the solution? Installation of weighing systems on a bunker. Installing this system will solve a whole range of tasks, namely:

1. Weighing in the field, which significantly saves time
2. Weighing in real time without stopping the combine and tractor
3. There is no need to go to the nearest weighbridge
4. Saving of data on operators, tonazh, bunkers and fields
5. The tractor operator can use the full bunker resource
6. Continuous operation control of cleaning
7. Control of yield on each field

The installed weight system can be equipped with a variety of devices:

  • GPS tracker for tracking the drive bunker
  • GPRS module for rapid data transfer to the accounting system
  • Thermal printers for printing checks on the mass of the bunker taken and unloaded from it
  • An electronic table in the cab of the tractor operator to control the filling of the hopper-driven

Similar weight systems can be installed on grains. The equipment of grain weights will lead to such positive results as:

  • zeroing of the probability of fraud in the transportation of the crop on the elevator
  • reduction of time of weight control
  • control and prevention of traffic congestion and, consequently, the absence of penalties for the carrier
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