Bunker overloader BNP

Bunker reloader BNP is a agricultural machinery from the Ukrainian manufacturer Egritech, developed by the British engineering company Gartech Group.

The bunker reloader is used as part of a three-way technology during harvesting of grain crops. The bunker drive facilitates the continuous operation of combines, without stopping. The process of unloading combines, occurs in motion, automatically, without difficulty or possession of specialized skills.

The work of one BNP hopper saves up to 30% of the time, depending on the crop of the crop.

BNP bunkers are made of steel and meet international quality standards. The wheel system uses a wide-profile rubber - it minimizes the load on the ground, increases the permeability and maneuverability of machinery, as well as prevents the formation of soil seals. The design of the BNP bunkers allows you to fill your own tank, at the same time, with two combines.

Basic provisions of the BNP hopper

Bunker reloader BNP reloader - moves in pairs with combines, directly in the field. Combines in motion - overload the grain automatically, until full bunker filling, without losing time to stop. After filling the reservoir of the reloader, the bunker drive - is sent to the edge of the field, where further its unloading takes place, in the specialized trains of the ASPS grain carriers.

The unloading process is based on one part of the field. Usually - it is a favorable place, which has a free way to go on the road. Cereals ASPS are filled evenly, in turn and move in the conveyor, one by one. Avoiding the need to enter the field, grains minimize the development of running parts and at the expense of time saving - significantly increase the results on the grain logistics efficiency, especially after the effects of adverse weather.

Using the bunker BNP reloader, you are guaranteed:

increase the efficiency of harvesting and logistics of grain up to 30%

ensure preservation of the integrity of the soil of your own field

increase the longevity of grain trucks

Bunker reloader

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