1st birthday during the exhibition Agroexpo-2018

Open Company TD "Egritech" met its 1st birthday during the exhibition "Agroexpo-2018" in the city of Kropivnitsky. The exhibit presented to the Trading House includes those products that are most in demand during the year and have the largest number of innovations introduced. Among them: MAZ-ASP-1424, BNP-16 and BNP-30 grain trains.Agro Expo 2018
Recall that last year we came to the Ukrainian market with unique harvesting equipment. The reloading hopper from the TD "Egritech" LLC allows you to apply new logistic options in the field, which speed up the harvesting process and increase the economic efficiency of the farms to + 30%. Using a bunker-reloader, agrarians may not stop the process of threshing a combine, and unload its contents on the go. Another advantage of this technique is its ability to minimize pressure on the soil and keep it from damage, which is usually caused by a carriage by calling in the field.
Another of our achievements is the auto-train-grain truck on a different chassis, but in any case - with a lightweight design. Thus, we started our own fight against road damage, while allowing farmers to transport crops without overload and avoid fines.
Also during the exhibition, for the first time, we presented to our clients a loan program from Oschadbank for the purchase of agricultural machinery "Egritech". From now on, owners of farms with a land bank up to 500 hectares will be able to receive a loan of up to 9 million UAH and for a period of up to 36 months.

Agro expo 2018

We draw your attention to the fact that it is precisely because of Oschadbank that farmers can receive partial compensation for the cost of purchased agricultural machinery to 40%. This program includes almost all items of equipment manufactured by the Egritech Trading House.
All the equipment presented during the exhibition "Agroexpo-2018", immediately after its completion, was placed at the disposal of new owners - farms in different regions of Ukraine.