The process of harvesting is considered one of the most responsible. Many factors of quality and quantity of the collected finished agricultural products depend on it, which later will be reflected in the profits.

The quality of agricultural machinery directly affects the speed of harvest and the number of working hours of workers on the field. High-tech machinery Egritech agricultural equipment - saves financial costs, harvest time. With our help, you are rationally using human labor.

Agricultural machinery Egritech is the embodiment of modern technology, in the aggregate of production in Ukraine and the British engineering company Gartech Group. In developing our equipment, we took as a basis the experience of our British colleagues, as well as the difficulties of domestic agriculture.

Egritech agricultural machinery is a unique technology for harvesting your crops.

We managed to create a modern, innovative transport with high traffic. Before embarking on the production of a combine, bunker or grain-carrier - our experts study the terrain and soil features on which the Egritech equipment will work. After a detailed analysis - we create your own unique unit of agricultural machinery for harvesting. An individual approach to each client - makes it possible to produce such a technique that fully and completely, will be able to meet your needs, for many years.