Process harvest responsible enough - depends on many factors related to the quality and quantity of food, as well as financial resources.

Quality agricultural machinery has a direct impact on the rate of harvest, the number of working hours and rest combine working on the field. It is a high-tech equipment allows to save financial costs and efficient use of human labor.

While developing their own vehicles, we took as a basis the experience of our British colleagues, as well as take into account the challenges that regularly face the domestic and business executives have managed to create a unique technology for harvesting. We have carefully studied the modern market of agricultural machinery and have created a modern, innovative transport, which easily will pass on any field road. Before you start building the combine hopper or grain, our experts are studying the terrain and soil features, which will operate the machine. Only then begins the creation of each unique unit of agricultural vehicles for harvesting. What is our uniqueness? Individual approach to each client gives us the opportunity to build just such a machine which fully able to meet all customer requirements.

Only the trading house "Egritech" offers its customers a unique three-tier harvest technology, thanks to which you can save up to 5 million hryvnia.

Technology "harvester-hopper-grain" is designed in such a way that combines the work of two corresponding to the time of work and filling of the silo, and after that the work proceeds grain.

We offer convenient, cost-effective technology bunker harvest. Thanks to this technology, you can reduce the cost of agricultural machinery to 5 million hryvnia. The best practices of the British company "Gartech Croup" and the experience of domestic manufacturers together have given excellent results in a highly reliable agricultural machinery "Egritech".

To understand how our innovations are effective not only in words, but in fact, we suggest you use our online calculator "Economic Calculation". So you can see how effective and economical to use the services of the trading house "Egritech".