Bunker storage handling Egritech

Ukrainian agricultural machinery for harvesting, designed by the British engineering company Gartech Group. The Egritech reloader agricultural bin is made of high quality steel, with modern precision equipment.

The Egritech reloader bunker is used to increase the harvesting efficiency in the fields of Ukraine. An agricultural bunker is an important component of a trilobal harvesting system. The meaning of the technology is as follows: the combine does not stop and, during the discharge, continues its useful work; the motor vehicle is at the edge of the field and does not arrive in the field; Delivery of grain from a combine to a motor vehicle is carried out by a tractor, with a hopper-laden trailer attached to it. It manages the unloading of grain from a combine – a tractor driver, directly, giving orders to combiner. For efficient operation of the link it is necessary that the cycle time of the bunker-reloader was less or equal to the cycle of the combine. The volume of the bunker-reloader should be 10% more than the amount of bunkers of combines that are in the line.

The Egritech reloader agricultural bunker has high permeability and agility. In the production of a bunker, we use wide-profile low-pressure wheels, which technologically creates less load on the soil. The Egritec bunker can fill the tank with two combines at the same time.